Etching Motifs Panels Ceiling Hang



Etching Motifs Panels Ceiling Hang

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Product Specifications

Product Type                    Etching Acoustic Panel
Material                            100% polyester fiber (PET)
Size (mm)                        1220mm * 2440mm
Thickness (mm)               9/12/24 or customized
Density (g/sqm)               1500 and 1900 for 9mm; 2300for 12mm,3200 for 24mm(.a,,95%)
Fastness to Light              For indoor use only
Fire Rating                       ASTM E84-13a (Class A) Fire Test (EN-13501-1)
Sound Absorption             NRC 0.30 to 0.45 (No Air Gap) NRC 0.70 (50mm Air Gap)

Ceiling Hang

Ceiling hang with carriers Hanging

Etching Motif panels

This type of panel is an example of glass etching, which produces a rhythmic pattern by creating indentations on the surface of the glass. The etched design begins to breathe and pulse, with the horizontal, curved and straight surfaces meeting each other. The etched design becomes a motif, or spoken word of colour. The series slowly develops an organism made of twelve different metal coloured glass panels.

The process of etching is a common one in modern technology. It is commonly used in the manufacturing of semiconductor devices and printed circuit boards, as well as to prepare metallic specimens for microscopic observation. The process of etching can be controlled by the printmaker, who controls the acid’s effect by scratching the waxy ground. The exposed metal is then immersed in a solution of acid. The acid washes away the wax, exposing the lines on the metal.

Archive Motifs

Customized design is available upon request


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