About Us

AMF Singapore

AMF started in 2015 with a sole vision of embracing and enhancing spaces aesthetics where people work, live and play.

The forte of supplying & distributing wallcoverings, fabrics and acoustical products had always been pivotal and paramount when our partners and clients chooses to collaborate with AMF. From all types of facilities i.e. Commercial space, Residential, Hospitality, Healthcare and Educational Institutions, our experienced installation teams had always managed to bring up the notches in workmanship and detailing. Through our dynamic multi-talent team of AMF, we have built a sterling reputation of reliability and efficiency.

AMF envision for the next decade will still be the continual provision of uncompromising cutting edge designs and quality soft furnishings for our clients, partners and supply chains across the planet.

The never ending quenches for only the best had been largely driven by the impetus of the directors. They have been the lynchpins of growth locally and abroad which leads to AMF making inroads to the vast market of China. The foray of a booming online sales had enable AMF to strategically connect to target audience in new markets and as well as consumers around the globe.