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Star Acoustic Ceiling

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Characteristics of Ceiling

Material               A.M.F standard  9mm panel
Mounting            Cei1ing hung with cable and connect with joiners if need

The Shape of Ceiling

The Size of Ceiling

The Tool of Ceiling


Acoustic ceilings make a room sound quiet

The acoustic ceiling is very flexible and can be installed in two ways: directly from the ceiling or suspended from the existing ceiling. Drop or hanging installations are best for commercial Spaces and require professional installation. In residential settings, most buildings are done directly from the ceiling. DIY enthusiasts can install soundproof ceiling tiles themselves, as long as they are adept at using glue guns and drill bits. Also, you can use a screw or wood bar to fix the acoustic condole top tile on the ceiling.

Soundproof ceilings reduce noise by absorbing part of the sound through a pattern of small holes. This helps minimize reverberation, which is a common problem with large rooms. The echo occurs when sound is not absorbed and lasts for a long time. The longer the sound surface, the shorter the reverberation duration.

Soundproof ceiling tiles are made of different materials that help absorb sound and reduce reverberation. These tiles are used for soundproof ceilings and effectively reduce noise levels. They have the added benefit of being affordable. They can also give a room a clean and modern feel. They are also environmentally friendly.

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