Who are the cheap wallpaper wall coverings sold to?

A pal who sells wallpaper wall coverings confessed the reality:
“The more acquaintance, the more I recommend expensive,
Due to the expensive, the product quality is really good!
This is also for him! ”

But who’s the cheap wallpaper wall structure covering sold to?
He said: Selling to people who care about the purchase price,
No chance, a wallpaper/wall covering,
After all, it isn’t much to earn.
The price has been cut and cut, talked and talked,
Can only just introduce a cheaper 1,
These wallpaper wall coverings aren’t inferior goods.
But in conditions of materials and crafts,
It is really essential to be second.

This is actually the truth!
Many customers want the least expensive,
But when i lost my rationality,
It can only be connected with cheap wallpaper wall structure coverings.
Make sure you believe in the market,
It’s always a penny!
Kids Room Wallpaper expensive wallpaper wall coverings, will have expensive reasons!
It may not be expensive on the surface,
It is expensive in the choice, workmanship and information on raw materials.

It might not be expensive,
It is expensive in strict craftsmanship and materials.
It might not be expensive,
Nonetheless it is expensive in after-sales service and protection.

No expensive for no reason,
Expensive for no reason,
If you buy an inexpensive wallpaper wall covering,
Don’t be too happy,
Maybe you really got it,
But very likely,
Didn’t choose the quality you really want.

No mistakes, only choose the wrong!
Please believe that a penny is worth the goods!