The real effect of wallpaper, is the construction decision!

Mislabeling different batches of wallpaper in the same wall, leading to color difference is known as to become a batch of color difference;

Tip: make certain to focus on the wallpaper great deal quantity when buying and building.

Structure of the use of quality not move binders, or wallpaper on the trunk of the glue swab uneven, leading to wallpaper appear warped advantage, and mistakenly that’s not in a position to paste;

Tip: match a good horse with an excellent saddle. Don’t let the mere fact of having a few dollars worth of glue affect your clothing. Brand products are recommended.

3D Wall covering During the construction, the joints had been treated with scraping plank, which led to damage of the lines upon both sides of the joints.

Tip: gentle building.

During the building, the wallpaper surface area is scratched hard with a scraper or a difficult towel (with plenty of thread ends), that leads to the inking ink or precious metal, silver, pearl powder and so on falling off.

Hint: when structure, strength ought to be appropriate.

Through the construction, due to unwashed hands, dirty towels, and soiled wall components leaking from the joint, the medial side look at at the joint became black color, which was mistaken for the medial side view shadow.

Tip: hold your construction tools clean.

During the construction, due to the extreme overflow of glue from the joint, a sizable amount of clean drinking water was not soaked with a sponge later on, and the joint became yellow many days later on the wall upon the wallpaper, that was mistaken for quality problem.

Tip: clean the glue at the joint after construction.

Hard scraper is used in the construction of gold foil paper, resulting in surface harm or scratch of gold foil, which is mistaken for quality problem.

Tip: construction equipment ought to be selected for different components and different parts.

During the construction of the gold foil paper, the white paste is mistakenly infected with the top of gold foil, leading to the precious metal film to lose its luster (the white paste will form a mist film on the surface of the precious metal film and cannot be wiped), which is mistaken for quality problems.

Tip: gold foil is beautiful, but she’s also scared of glue.

After the metope brushed varnish, did not wait for varnish to dry fully after that paste wallpaper, cause varnish by bottom paper infiltration surface paste, produce chemical response, form like the protruding granule of measles shape, mistake is an excellent problem;

Clew: metope does not dry structure but big avoid

After wallpaper is pasted, open a window immediately ventilated, bring about wallpaper dry shrink as well fast, form juncture is apparent, mistake is quality problem;

Tip: be gradual and do not be impatient.

Because wall seeps water, bring about wallpaper to paste over time of time, begin by bottom paper mildew, the secretion of mould and paste make chemical reaction, provide about wallpaper surface area large area discoloration, appear red spot or blue spot, and mistake is quality issue.

Because of the dependence on warm and humid environment for mold growth, this kind of scenario often occurs in rainy and high-temperature periods, which generally occurs first in the internal portion of the wall structure with discharge pipes or close to eaves and Windows.

Tip: it is crucial to safeguard the wall structure from dampness, especially the wallpaper base paper made of pure paper and non-woven cloth ought to be waterproof.