The 6 most overlooked details when buying wallpaper, you know?

1. Pay attention to style but ignore material
On marketplace wall paper design is certainly various, colour profusion, when consumer is definitely choosing, often be intoxicated, twist at wall paper design, and ignored material itself, the stand or fall that material pledges decides whether wall paper is certainly environmental protection directly, colour is long lasting wait for a problem.

2. Value materials but do not know how exactly to identify
When wallpaper of choose and buy, want to master “discover, touch, smell, brush” 4 principles, observe wallpaper namely: the surface whether existence chroma, fold and bubble, flower case whether very clear, color is actually; Feel wallpaper: whether the feeling consistency is good, if the thin thickness of the paper is normally consistent; Smell wallpaper: if possess pungent smell, become formaldehyde, the volatile materials such as for example chloroethylene content is higher most likely; Wipe wallpaper with wet fabric: whether there is decolor Pure paper Wallpaper phenomenon. The buyer which has taller pursuit to environmental protection household more choice does not have spin natural paper wallpaper, this sort of environmental security wallpaper is utilized extensively in the made country such as euramerican.

Choose the right wallpaper for the right place
What consumer must notice is: the wallpaper that color is gorgeous, design is wealthy, color slants warm makes the individual feeling is cheerful, build happy atmosphere, between promotion family, friend affection, such wallpaper suits sitting space, balcony this kind of party, recreational occasion even more; Color quietly elegant, simple and clean, tonal slanting cool wallpaper makes the individual mood is relaxed, build calm atmosphere, fit to rest or study; So when customer chooses wallpaper, desire to consider the use occasion of wallpaper adequately.

4. Identify the brand , nor fall into false promotion
Choice wallpaper need to choose regular big brands, the sham while the genuine, the existing domestic market have a particular qualification of wallpaper producers is not very much, wallpaper when customer choose and purchase should focus on whether through the certification authority, such as for example: through the eu SVHC environmental detection, the ten rings Chinese green environmental protection authentication, etc., only such brands items to become truly green environmental protection, after-sale guaranteed. Consumers usually do not fall into some high prices, fake discount promotional traps!

5. Buy wallpaper but pay out no attention to accessories
While choosing wallpaper, also need to know the use function of wall base film (wall sealing bottom is used), sticky rice glue, they are able to affect the structure quality of wallpaper and later period impact directly. If you do not wish to for the after-sale nerve-racking, you then must choose dependable merchants, suggested to select brand add-ons, effective security of construction.

6. Only need it but do not understand professional construction
Because materials is qualitative different, wall paper building gimmick and problems easy degree also differ, and the stand or fall of wall paper impact and structure have inseparable relation, stick wall paper easy, stick good wall structure paper not easy however. So when choosing construction get better at, should see construction get better at is professional.