PVC wallpaper, that is, deep press wallpaper, resin wallpaper, is a kind of wood pulp fiber paper, non woven fibers paper as base materials, the surface covered with advanced resin slurry, the utilization of professional deep press production equipment, according to different patterns to make use of different printing wheels, about the wallpaper surface printed on the mandatory wallpaper patterns. Following the wallpaper is definitely softened, the surface of the wallpaper is certainly compressed by the embossing roller, to ensure that the corresponding consistency effect can be produced. In addition, it includes drying, high temperature, cooling and other multi-channel processes to ensure the three-dimensional appearance and environmental security overall performance of wallpaper. Chinese name PVC wallpaper Spanish name PVC wallpaper Materials Technology PVC (polyvinyl chloride) Make use of decorative wall structure facing Recommended place Open public area, toilet, etc Detailed intro: PVC wallpaper 3D stereoscopic effect is way better. The PVC wallpaper can produce a Fabric Wall covering strong three-dimensional sense of three-dimensional feeling following the press pattern treatment. It can get over the defects of real paper material. It could produce a large amount of special patterns that may not be performed by genuine paper, such as for example imitation timber grain, embossing, imitation ceramic tile and so on. The look is realistic and strong. It is suitable for interior decoration of interior wall. [1] has superb waterproof properties, can withstand essential oil and moisture erosion, suitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms. It is the most typically used and most widely used wallpaper, and PVC wallpaper is widely used in all kinds of home and commercial areas. Its types include ordinary PVC wallpaper and foam wallpaper, wallpaper and so on. Distinguish the six main standards of high quality deep press Wallpaper: One, strong sense of fabric, soft feel. The standard of cloth texture generally depends upon the stability of formulation, embossing roll and embossing machine, which may be noticed by the steady cooperation among them. The handmade engraving roll of the embossed roll gets the effect of good press and uniform color. The temperature and swiftness of the imported apparatus are all immediately controlled. The created wallpaper is stable and without color difference. Two, lifelike organic, high simulation. An important feature of high quality deep press wallpaper is the high simulation level, the meaning of the simulation degree may be the degree of the flower type being restored to genuine. Its essential technology still is based on the processing of the embossing procedure and the application of the colour gradual change. The bigger the simulation level, the even more vivid and organic the decoration impact is. Three, the level is apparent, the texture is okay. The stronger the feeling of hierarchy, the more visual impact, the more luxurious decoration impact. The key technology is by using the engraving level of the embossing roller and the embossing machine. The handmade embossing roll includes a fine and round shaping effect, a very clear layer and clear consistency, especially the processing of the edge angle. For example, petals, pistils, flower stems, bouquets and leaves are obviously visible, bending openly and clearly arranged. At the same time, the extreme utilization of color separation and color complementing is also the main aspect to highlight the feeling of hierarchy. Four, genuine color, collocation and coordination. Color is the lifeline of the final effect of wallpaper, wallpaper is the most critical technology, influencing elements include three factors: color blending, color separation, color coordinating. Toning refers to the amount of color impact approaching to natural color, which reflects the real and vivid effect. Color separation implies that all types of shades are stacked up in printing, and finally shows good transition and gradual effect. Color matching identifies the collocation of various colors, especially the color matching between the bottom and the design. The color matching should be coordinated and comfortable and the atmosphere is high, in order to achieve a lasting and pleasurable and enjoyable decorative impact. Five. The printing is usually accurate and the pressure is normally stable. Overprint refers to the form of the grain in the production procedure for the wallpaper, which is exactly the same as the shape of the flower pattern. This process has a higher amount of difficulty. Generally speaking, the pc to flower press can be even more stable and reliable compared to the manual flower embossing machine. At present, the world’s highest level of press lines may be the highest level in Uk emmison’s devices, and its degree of automation and stability may be the best level. Six, moderate smell, healthful and environmental protection. To get an ideal decoration effect, the natural material used in the wallpaper ought to be the highest regular in the market, and the innovative ink printing is adopted at present. All the environmental protection indicators ought to be certified by authoritative institutions: such as the ISO9001 international quality management system qualification, the EU CE qualification, the quality inspection statement, the gentle smell of the product and the healthy ring. Protect.