Sanctuary – Ammonite Wallpaper



Sanctuary – Ammonite Wallpaper

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Rough textured stone, soft mineral tones, and scattered fossil patterns draw on our calming connection to the earth.

Ammonite Wallpaper

Ammonite wallpaper patterns are a excellent general style and design with light-weight textures. It is obtainable in a wide range of colors, including silver, white, and silver gloss. This wallpaper style and design can also be offered in selecting material colors. You might desire the Pumice color scheme, a combination of silver and white.

Ammonite wallpapers make use of the purely natural layout of ammonite shells. The fossil of its exact shape is complemented by specialist glitter ink. The wallpaper is accessible in a selection of standard colors. It has a distinctive texture making it an excellent alternative for any modern-day household.

The Ammonite wallpaper layout was inspired by fossils uncovered around the Dorset coast. It has a refined, understated top quality and brings a calming effect to the room. It could be paired with all white for any contrasting accent color.