Batik Wallpaper



Batik Wallpaper

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Our batik design borrows from the trend of dye-resistant technology and is made from hand-dyed cloth. In addition to the delicate tonal background prints, we used relief to increase the tactile feel of the fabric after the dyeing process. Traditionally, batik dyes come from natural plants. The most widely used colors are indigo blue and Shitsia Sinensis, a warm brown color made from the bark of the shitsia tree. We used these and continued the theme of natural dyes throughout the rest of the palette.

With Various Colors

Batik wallpaper

Batik wallpaper can be a great method to add a distinctive and traditional type to your house. This Indonesian artwork form is characterized by the creation of intricate patterns by dipping textiles in hot wax. These prints function with intricate pod shapes and subtle drops of shade. These styles generate a calm atmosphere for your residing spot. To create the exact same result, you could use unique colors and textures from the room.

Batik is an ancient art that has a lengthy historical past. It originated in West Africa and developed in Indonesia and China. Dutch traders launched the process in Africa and it’s developed into a one-of-a-kind global model. It’s a good preference for almost any area in your residence! Batik wallpapers are available in a selection of colors so that you can uncover the ideal hue to match your decor.

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