Acoustic Desk Screen With Al Frame

Name : Acoustic Desk Screen With Al Frame
Material : 100% Polyester Fibre (PET)
Size : 1000*300mm
Thickness : 9mm-12mm




Desktop screen itself and size are small volume, has the characteristics of small, delicate. In a lot of sense, office desktop screen is used for the main function of adornment ornament, this was the reason for table screen size and range of application.
Choose the desktop office screen, can choose according to the following two principles: 1, beautiful. Aesthetic can according to the desktop screen material and the collocation of desk itself, the material of table screen visual which is better. 2, durability. In the practical aspects of the desktop screen actually pursuit is durability, first of all, the most durable aluminum alloy frame of the desktop screen.

Triline Wall Acoustic Panel