Old driver tells you, this time affix wallpaper, absolutely can work twice with half the effort

The property decoration process is several, and the detail is definitely very much. Wallpaper construction is the final method that the house decorates hard outfit, soft outfit begins. The wallpaper should be in the carpentry, paint, water and electricity, filling all hardware finish, and have been cleaned after one time.

1. Floors and skirting are set up

❖ avoid play keel, saw wood flooring and so on make the wallpaper.

❖ to avoid shock when install the line that play a base, wallpaper and metope separation, thus appeared the wallpaper bubbling, become warped edge phenomenon.

❖ to prevent cutting the line that play a base once large amounts of dust pollution and wallpaper bruised.

❖ general putty is usually not batch towards the foundation bottom, first wallpaper can’t cut neatly, at risk of turn into warped edge, with a very long time lead to the wallpaper into the coils.

❖ to avoid the brand that play a base meant for glass glue wallpaper seal off up, unable to help to make the wall of the water molecules emissions, lead to the line that play a base location wallpaper mildew.

❖ play crural line, likely wall structure and play crural collection straightness is not enough or have crack, the wallpaper has a hide aperture effect.

2 cover and door are installed

❖ install door initially, can enough time wallpaper destroyed and getting dirty, as well facilitate the repair of paint. Paint mending (gaps in door covers and wall surfaces, as well as throwing lines) will stain the wallpaper if applied effectively.

❖ door size may well have a discrepancy, whenever small size, wallpaper, first door will appear blank phenomenon; If fully pasted, it is easy to pull the wallpaper when ever installing the door, producing damage to the wallpaper.

Real wood paint can not always be finished with wallpaper, following making wood paint

❖ because carpentry paint when ever construction, atomization, the paint will stick on the wallpaper. And when color construction, want to embark on protecting to finished item, especially the periphery metope such as cabinet, door, partition should stick safety film, if atomize to metope, to the building quality of wallpaper is not assured, give a problem very easily.

a few. Air conditioning holes

❖ avoid wallpaper damage of drilling hole.

❖ steer clear of wall vibrations cause the wallpaper off when punching.

❖ to avoid dust pollution when punching wallpapers.

The holes of the curtain hanging rod have got been made in progress

The position of curtain hanger rod support is very well designed and holes are made to avoid damaging the wallpaper surface with late punching. In particular, flocking, silk, deep pressure, special materials such while some hard to do wallpaper, prior to paste has to be made in advance to hang the curtain rod holes.

How you can paste the wallpaper

Take away the wall skin: remove the original paint and various other objects in the wall, make use of gypsum powder to fix the cracked areas of the wall, and apply the bandage after leveling; If the sand and greyish walls, partition walls, nonetheless also paste glass textile or cloth netting; A few of the poor quality partitioning or external walls to reach the insulation effect, need to be full of nail plasterboard.

Lower wallpaper: measure metope height first, cut wallpaper duration again, have two types of circumstance: do certainly not add cut 5 to 8 centimeters by metope height according to metope height right and left sides length, use as up and down repair edge: to pay wallpaper needs to consider the symmetry of design, reason cut length should certainly increase according to genuine circumstance, can lengthen main to 10 centimeters generally.

Coating adhesive solution: Simple Wallcoverings wallpapers glue solution with coating for the back of chopping good wallpaper brush, pay out special attention to the full stuff around the edge to liquid, in order to ensure the development quality, pasted wall paper and stuff in the face of folding place 5-10 short minutes (attention, nor the external force, in order to avoid wallpaper in crease, especially it’s ok cloth) completely through the stuff liquid into the lower part of the paper can easily be posted, besmear brushs number of wallpapers, just about every time and to post.

Wall membrane paper construction: it is usually to be in frequently door edge or tone Angle from go down to paste first wall structure paper, by scraping table from go down, by simply introversion outside, blow daily news paper gently, extrude bubble and superfluous glue the liquid, make wall paper can be even close to metope.

Before pasting wallpaper, shut off power supply: when pasting wallpaper, if encounter the place that has power switch or socket on metope, can turn off total power first, cover wall structure paper next all electricity supply and socket, cut two diagonals from middle of gravity point, can easily show 4 small triangular, reoccupy art tool cleans away all round redundant wallpapers.

Trim cleaning: cut away the extra wallpaper at the two ends of the uppr and lower ends, and make the blade sharp to prevent rough edges. Drop in water with sponge to wipe the stuff liquid that remains on the wall paper surface area completely clean, lest wall paper becomes yellow, following wall paper is dried up, if locate a bubble on the surface, cut wide open with the knife infuse glue liquid again press flat can eliminate (with needle tube better)