Low in Ahmedabad India Price Decorative Fireproof MGO Board Fireproof Sanding MGO Board

Low  in Ahmedabad India  Price Decorative Fireproof MGO Board Fireproof Sanding MGO Board


Magnesium sulphide board is the mixture of magnesium oXiHu (West Lake) Dis.de,magnesium sulfate,glass fabric,sawdust,perlite and more material. It is fireproofing(A1), water-resistant,dampness proof,fungi-proofing,antiseptic,anticorrosion,non-formaldehyde,non-radiative,lower mass but with higher dense,stable and much more high top quality qualities. Furthermore it is inside of the line of countrywide stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd of setting security without a doubt . It can be nailed, dine and mortised, even completely change utilizes of wood,metals,silicon and calcium.The nail-EPT EPT higher than the medium-density fiberboard and with reasonable cost. Throughout generation and employing processes, all the residue, noticed dust and rebuilt’s wastes could be recycled.


The magnesium sulphide board can be utilized as wallboard, ceiling board, hearth-proof plate, water-proof board, EPT situation and and many others. It can substitute picket plywood so as to be manufactured into dado, doorways, windows, door panel, household furniture and and so on. As one particular of the alternatives of ceiling panel, it can provide as the foundation panel of all varieties of inside and outdoor ceiling, these kinds of as habitable room, workplace building, hotel, shopping mall, medical center, airport, subway, library, location, sports discipline, museum and manufacturing facility. Its surface area can be applied with blending paint or h2o paint, be set with tiles as properly as be processed into various sorts of panels in accordance to specific wants.

The board can be used in tasks unEPThumid situations as effectively, these kinds of as in basement or in mine. The board can be employed together with various varieties of insulation components and then be synthesized into composite thermal insulation panel.

Magnesium sulphide board (sanded board) is the most simple intermediate material amid all of it. Its surface area need to be decorated initial ahead of currently being used as decoration panel. As a result, the software of magnesium oXiHu (West Lake) Dis.de board is the identical as the software of wood board. It can be processed into the component of all varieties of attractive functions by sawing, planing, nailing and other processing technics. The decoration function can be concluded right after its area be coated with emulsion paint, wallpaper and ceramic tiles.


CarpEPTr’s noticed and manual operated cutter can deal with hand-chopping magnesium sulphide board. when a multitude of panels on need to be straight minimize, then electrical motor observed with diamond noticed blade is advisable. If the thickness of the panel is equal or considerably less than 9mm, then cutter blade can be utilized. You can use electric powered drill or tapper to drill a gap or a sq. hole on the board where is equal to or earlier mentioned 10mm from the edge.

Processing Resource

Diamond Observed Blade, Cutter Blade, Handbook Operated Cutter, CarpEPTr’s Saw, Air Nail, Self-tapping Screw (stainless metal self-tapping screw with countersunk head is advised)
Design directions and application of magnesium sulphide board seam therapy
1.The seam of single-layer include panel on both sides of the keel, and the seam of inner and outer panels of double-layer protect panel on the exact same facet of the keel skeEPTn, shall be stagger organized, that is, the seam shall not slide on the same keel.
two.In case that two boards are to be joined, a butt hole of three-5mm shall be still left amongst the boards.
three.Thoroughly clean the butt gap among the boards and fill in the caulking material (in accordance to the attributes of magnesium sulfide plate, it shall be suitable to use the elastic caulking content).
four.Right after the caulking materials has been crammed and compacted, glue the fiberglass mesh belt or the polymer materials mesh belt on to the laminates, and then apply a layer of putty which is then to be scraped flat.

Solution parameters

Attribute Fireproof,water-resistant,moistureproof,warmth insulation
Hearth resistant three-4h
Flexual strength ge10MPa
EPEPTct strength ge4KJ
Nail-EPT EPT ge 20N/mm
Dry shrinkage rate le0.22%
Thickness three-18mm
Dimensions 2400*1200mm/customizable

Low  in Ahmedabad India  Price Decorative Fireproof MGO Board Fireproof Sanding MGO Board

Low  in Ahmedabad India  Price Decorative Fireproof MGO Board Fireproof Sanding MGO Board