How to strip old wallpaper? Give you a few small tricks!

Many owners do not know how to deal with the aged PVC Wall covering wallpaper on the wall when replacing the wallpaper; if you continue to paste brand-new wallpaper on the previous wallpaper, the old and outdated wallpapers may fall off the beaten track together because of the moisture of the adhesive. The easiest method to do this is to strip the outdated wallpaper to ensure that the wall structure covering sticks to the wall more firmly.
Here are some ways to uncover old wallpapers.
Peelable wallpaper
1. Pick an inconspicuous corner near the top of the wall and use the tip of the utility knife to pick up the wallpaper.
2. Try to be close to the wall, pinch the corner of the wallpaper, and make an effort to take it off from the wall. Strip the wallpaper in your path, which makes it easier to remove the wallpaper. Whether it’s a peelable wallpaper, the wallpaper will detach from the wall so long as you are strenuous and moderate.
Cut and infiltrate
1. Use a utility knife, razor blade or wallpaper scraper to slice the old wallpaper horizontally, each slit is about 20 or 25 cm apart.
2. Apply water or wallpaper remover and wait around a few minutes for the wallpaper to totally saturate.
3. Repeat the same process on another wallpaper strip, then go back to the 1st strip and re-wet it throughout with the formulation.
4. Start stripping the wallpaper with a multi-purpose edging knife with a 8.9 cm wide, movable blade. Starting from a lower horizontal wallet, the blade can be positioned under its upper edge and the blade is at an angle of 30 degrees to the horizontal, and the sliding blade scrapes the wetted wallpaper. A wallpaper this is the same width as the squeegee will fall off the blade and roll onto the squeegee as the blade pushes down.
5. Continue steadily to push down until the wallpaper can no longer be taken off. If the scraped wallpaper tape breaks, re-infiltrate this area and start to scrape another tape.
Steam method
It is not easy to peel off old wallpaper. You can rent a steam engine, but you still need to use a wide-blade putty knife to scrape most of the wallpaper.
1. After the water is scorching, press the steam plate on the wall until the wallpaper on the advantage of the steam plate becomes dark due to moisture. Start with a strip of paper and steadily peel off the wallpaper throughout.
2. After steaming fifty percent of the paper strip, use a nail or a utility knife to draw up the corner of the top of the wallpaper and tear off the wallpaper. If the wallpaper can’t be removed, it could be scraped off with a wall scraper. You may want to steam the same area twice or three times to loosen the adhesive for the much longer a few months of the wallpaper.
For waterproof coatings, cleaning the wall paper glue with alcoholic beverages will not cause much harm to the wall. Instead, the volatilization of alcohol can minimize the harm to the wall. But one thing to note is that the concentration of alcohol shouldn’t be too high. In any other case, the volatility is normally too big, and it is simple to make the white wall structure turn yellow or dark. This is a very bad phenomenon.
This method uses physical friction. But because salt is definitely a white crystal, you don’t need to worry about the unusual color that the friction brings to the wall. Along the way of rubbing, you can use white gauze or fabric that can hold salt, pack a little packet of salt, carefully rub, slowly you will find that the glue left on the wall structure paper is gradually disappearing, and stuck in At the top of the fabric, you merely need to rub and stop to remove the glue from the gauze. The next thing is never to be said.