How many rolls of wallpaper do you need for a room?

A lot of partner message, say have no idea how exactly to estimate the wallpaper dosage in the house, today, we will have, the way the wallpaper dosage is measured.

1. The overall estimate can be 2.5 to 3.5 times the ground area of your room.
2. Please ask someone to consider the field measurement for you personally.
3. Calculation on your own:

Step one 1: find out the wallpaper

Common wallpaper specification is certainly: 53 centimeters wide width *10 meters long =5.3 square couple of plants: the calculation of scroll size needs to add the increased loss of couple of flowers (pair of flowers may be the design of two bits of joint is joined together is continuous, is to help make the pattern more essential).

Step two 2: gauge the room

1. The height of the wallpaper section of the room
2. The width of the wallpaper section of the room. 3

Step 3: learn how to apply wallpaper

The wallpaper is spliced and pasted from top to bottom. The width of the wallpaper is 53 centimeters. Let’s say the width of the wallpaper portion of the room is 40 centimeters.

The length of a roll of wallpaper is 10 meters, cent is 3, one is 3.33 meters, the wallpaper which has ornamental pattern, wish to be joined between each piece (call couple of flower), flower model is bigger (the distance between two same pattern, weigh flower distance), when two wall paper pair of flower, loss is usually bigger also. So, a roll three, after good flower, the width of every piece could be only 3 meters or smaller sized sometimes, so metope height is going to maintain this range.

Step 4: give an example

How many rolls of wallpaper do you need for this bedroom?

A. wallpaper specification: 53 centimeters wide *10 meters lengthy, need couple of flowers

B. Wall structure specification: 1. 2.8 meters high * width (4.3 meters +4.3 meters +4.8 meters +4.8 meters +4.8 meters + 4.8-0.98 meters door -2 meters window)= 2.8 meters high *15.22 meters wide 2

C. Calculation results: 1. Confirm the wall height of 2.8 meters, and this wallpaper can be divided into three parts.2. 3. The upper area of the door and the low section of the screen are estimated with the addition of 1 roll. 4. End result: 11 rolls of wallpaper.

Step 5: step 5

The computation of wallpaper, because of the complexity of metope, the indeterminacy of wallpaper pattern, generally, cannot calculate accurate beforehand, always existing redundant or replenishment situation. Consequently, we have to explain the problem to the merchants. It’s better to be more restless and much less restless. If we don’t have the goods, we will have a tragedy.

Several issues need to be noted after putting up wallpaper

The rooms just after the wallpaper has been laid ought to be closed and dried. As the fresh wallpaper of the area instantly ventilation will lead to wallpaper advantage and drum.

2. After the completion of wallpaper store, gently clean off the remaining wallpaper glue at the joint with a damp towel 3 days later.

3. Wallpaper is more resistant to scrubbing, however, not resistant to the collision of blunt objects. If the surface of little areas is found damaged, you may use similar shades or color to repair.

4. Non-concave and Stone paper Wall paper convex wallpaper, simply make use of a feather duster to clean on weekdays.

The color of general bedroom had better slant warm, downy some, with benefit at rest. If the home furniture color is normally heavy, the wall color ought to be very light; If home furniture is lubricious light, metope USES color of identical contrast with home furniture to foil properly. The bed room color of newly-married can be festival a bit, downy a bit, sweet a bit, best the color of the curtain and wallpaper color are close a few, must avoid cold tonal.