How does wall paper cloth art match? Read this article and you’ll understand

Wallpaper and cloth art is the very important part in soft clothing, wallpaper laid the main fundamental key of the area commonly, cloth art covered curtain, sofa, cushion for leaning on, bed article, mensal cloth, carpet await soft adornment, accordingly, these wallpaper and cloth art collocation a few principles you must remember!


Identify clear themes

According to the various individual character of people and become fond of, should determine a style to the bedroom above all, the theme that says here consists of style theme and individual personality theme two respects.

Style is among the big directions, people may Mica Wallcoverings choose according to age and personal preference. Furthermore, the same style in different character’s home can also have different presentation.

For example, it is modern and contracted style likewise, the house that gentle and quiet may slant downy and sweet tonal, and stone lover presents bold make open public the match color way that make public.

The main and secondary clear, appropriate subtraction

When the theme of the design of the space and individual character is set, can take this mainly because the basis, decide the color of the merchandise of wallpaper and cloth art roughly, design model limits, and should undertake collocation about the theme.
In soft outfit collocation process most avoid colour is confusing, should decide the mass-tone attune of a sizable area, do subtractive legislation appropriately according to theme and mass-tone attune following, purify those the design that usually do not accord with a theme, and the colour that does not coordinate with mass-tone attune, to be able to ensure bedroom vision does not mix.

Principle of distinction and contrast

The cloth art wallpaper collocation of the bed room still should follow the principle of distinction and contrast from every respect such as design, colour, simple sense. When the bed room chose the wall structure paper with stripe, should avoid to use stripe so far as possible on the choice of curtain and sofa fabric artwork, and undertake collocation with ornamental pattern design.

When wallpaper is more bright and bright and bright meticulous decorative pattern, so the curtain and sofa cloth art should be as easy as possible elegant, white and the most light color with wallpaper is an excellent choice ~

Color and pattern echo