Again low interior decoration has such wallpaper also can become beautiful heaven!

Wallpaper is some sort of materials that decorates home metope most easily to show color, especially those wallpaper which makes a person breathtaking, can truly add wonderful stroke absolutely for home life. Today, little make up arranged the next kinds of wallpaper style, affix can permit your household beauty to explode.

Stripe wallpaper

Stripes certainly are a design that is so common that it all never goes out of fashion. Stripe wallpaper, concise and joker, light color grace is certainly gentle, bright color vigor techniques; Narrow stripe can draw tall room space feeling, wide stripe can pull a room wide.

Modern Style Wallpaper Chinese style wallpaper

In addition to the classic form, Chinese wallpaper, because of its exclusive Oriental zen beauty, has gradually entered people’s vision and gained people’s love. Regardless of be Oriental beautiful flower design, be simple freehand brushwork scenery, can direct hit heart deep.

Checked wallpaper

Plaid wallpaper, simple design and calm tone, draw the outline of mild and elegant university style, elegant and silent, pleasant.

Flower wallpaper
Romantic and beautiful, damaged flowers in the manner. It’s the dream of many people to have a relaxed and amazing pastoral lifestyle. In the life span that occupy the home, pure and fresh broken flower will bring plain rural amorous feelings for you, simple and organic and romantic grace.

Geometric wallpaper
Simple and rational, the epitome of abstract artwork, as though an impressionist work. Geometrical wallpaper, added indoor line move feeling, massiness and contracted modern feeling furniture can match obtain trendy and interesting.

3D style wallpaper
Additionally it is a good choice to decorate the complete wall with wallpaper from all over the world thus that you can see the world without going out. The beauty of the wall space must convenience the boredom of staying at home.