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How to Do Wallpaper Installation?

Paper-backed vinyl wallpaper is easier to install than regular paper because it has a paperback. It’s also easier to use because it’s pre-pasted. However, this material can be challenging to cut and works better with vinyl-to-vinyl adhesives. The focal wall should align with the wallpaper with prominent elements when wallpapering. Once the wallpapers are lined up correctly, it’s time to install them.

Use a soft brush or sponge to apply the paste to the wall. If the walls are not vertical, you may have to overlap the paper in the corners. Then, put a plastic strip around the seam to keep the wallpaper from falling. Finally, protect the paper with a clear coat.

Using a professional wallpaper installer may be easier and faster than installing the wallpaper yourself.
During wallpaper installation, it is necessary to properly prepare the walls by cleaning them thoroughly. Before wallpapering, make sure the walls are free of dust and oil. Once the wall is ready to be wallpapered, turn off the power and remove the wall fixtures before wallpapering.


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