Vertical Stacked Block Wallpaper



Vertical Stacked Block Wallpaper

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This deeply textured vertically stacked block design is reminiscent of machined metal, capturing light from every angle.

With Various Colors

Vertical Block Wallpaper

Vertical block wallpaper is made of a striped pattern. Stripes run along the walls to the ceiling, creating a dramatic illusion of height. This type of wallpaper can be used in any room and is a classic option for those looking to add a modern touch. It is available in several different colors and can also be used to create accent walls.

Vertical striped wallpaper looks especially good in rooms with low ceilings because it elongates the space. You can line up the vertical stripes with shelves or picture frames if you have an open floor plan. These vertical stripes can create a warm and cozy look, or if used on a cold wall, a cold and drab look.

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