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Trellis Wallpaper

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Trellis Wallpaper

Trellis wallpaper is a classic design featuring interlocking geometric patterns. It can be used on the wall and is perfect for modern homes.

The geometric pattern of Trellis wallpaper creates a striking look and adds character to your interior. This pattern is versatile and can be adapted to modern and traditional interiors. You can find plaid wallpapers in many different colors, from white to pink.

Moroccan trellis wallpaper has a unique combination of straight and rounded lines. The style is reminiscent of perforated stone or lattice screens; both were used to diffuse air in the ancient Middle East. Later, the lattice design evolved into a decorative design, primarily due to privacy concerns. Today, however, Moroccan plaid wallpaper is most commonly found on tiles, and the colors are particularly neutral.

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