The Flow – Merge Wallpaper



The Flow – Merge Wallpaper

Singapore Shop Dealer Decoration Service

Fabric-backed vinyls-Newmar Heavy.
Varies with substrate- please enquire.

Bacteria Resistance:
It contains an active Fungicide

Light Fast:
Excellent Light Fastness
BS EN ISO 105-B02 min.7/8
LRV=Light reflective value

Conforms to requirements of BS EN 15102,
BS EN 259 and WA-Quality Standard W-101.

Stain/Chemical Resistance:
Pass ASTMD-1308-1987 FederalSpot Test.
Resistant to temporary staining of oils,

Quality Assurance:
Al management systems and production
procedures comply with ISO9001the
internationally recognized Quality


The digital image is printed with UV Cured inks and must be taken not to damage the image with hardening products, nylon scourers, brushes, etc.

The image should be cleaned using a nonfoaming detergent di-luted with warm water and soft dothWerecommenddeaning from the skirting upwards. This should avoid runs of dirty water staining the surface.

Toavoidreactivating the adhesive, which could cause edges to lift, care should be taken not to over-wet the joins or to allow water to pool at skirting level.

Once washed, rinse with clean water and dry by dabbing with soft toweling.

Under no circumstances should spirit-based cleaners be used as these will degrade the vinyl base and remove the printing inks.

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