Shield Wallpaper



Shield Wallpaper

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The shield is a super durable antimicrobial Tedlar® coated wallpaper that provides the highest durability and protection for healthcare interiors. Ideal for high-traffic areas such as hallways, receptions, and waiting areas.

– 800gsm

– Osnaburg backing

– Tedlar® coated

– Ultra Fresh antimicrobial


Shield Wallpaper

Our company is committed to providing high-risk patients with high-quality medical services based on high safety and has grown over the past few years to cover a wide range of services and products. Its core competencies include the development of specialized medical equipment and the creation of new and improved technologies.

Our company’s shield wallpapers are incredibly durable, antimicrobial, and resistant to high-traffic environments. With their unique technology, they can meet the demanding requirements of healthcare interiors. Additionally, our wallpapers are fire-resistant, resistant to abrasion, and have harsh cleaning solutions.

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