Rebus Industrial Wallpaper



Rebus Industrial Wallpaper

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Suggestive of rough stone, worn leather, and charred wood for a luxe take on the industrial look.

With Various Colors

Industrial Wallpaper

Industrial design is also on the rise, especially in architecture. Exposed brick and worn metal give the industrial design a grungy appeal that appeals to many. They can add a futuristic feel to a home while retaining the charm of a more traditional design. Whether you’re looking for a retro industrial look or a more modern look, you’ll find the perfect industrial wallpaper for your style.

Industrial wallpapers are perfect for industrial interiors in a home or commercial space. Industrial wallpaper is also an excellent option for implementing a rustic feature wall. It can also provide the illusion of texture on the walls, giving the room a chic and urban feel. Whether creating an office environment or a cafe, industrial wallpapers have something for everyone.

Industrial wallpaper can mimic wood-paneled walls for a rustic, industrial look. It is ideal for a bedroom or living room, but it can also be paired with a sliding barn door. Brick wallpaper is also suitable for other industrial features such as wooden beams and character lighting. Combine them with other materials to create unique designs.

Industrial wallpapers come in a variety of shades. For example, gray wallpaper will add a retro feel to an otherwise traditional home. Dark blue and white washed bricks will also enhance the overall appeal of your space. Dark blue and white can also be used to create a contrasting effect, as white is a symbol of purity.

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