Linen Weave Wallpaper



Linen Weave Wallpaper

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Contemporary linen weave design with a stonewashed surface in chalky, matte tones.

With Various Colors

Linen Woven Wallpaper

Linen woven wallpaper is an elegant fabric look that adds texture and softness to walls. This wallpaper can be used for accent walls or an entire room in various colors and patterns. It’s a little more expensive than other wallpapers but worth the investment. While hanging and removing can be tricky, linen wallpaper provides a quality natural material and is more durable than most other types of wallpaper.

Linen Woven Wallpaper has a unique matte and glossy finish that creates the look of weathered linen. This type of wallpaper also features additional prints reminiscent of antique finishes and patinas. It’s a versatile option that fits nicely into various design concepts.

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