Large Scale Stylised Floral Design Wallpaper



Large Scale Stylised Floral Design Wallpaper

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This large stylized floral design is inspired by textiles from the Art Deco period. Print onto our mirrored metal bases or recolor, rescale and print onto any wallpapers, including textures, colors, and window film.

Floral design

Floral design has a long history in Western art and culture. Like any form of art, it can express information. It involves technical mastery and sensitivity. A good flower arrangement can create mood and meaning. The design should be proportional between the various elements. Once this is done, it will be an impressive piece of art.

When choosing a floral design material, consider the style you want to incorporate. Both traditional and contemporary styles use different types of materials. Early Victorian floral designs were more conventional, while Modernist styles were more contemporary. The modern design relies on geometric patterns and bold lines. The style also depends heavily on the type of container.

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