Healthcare – Blossom Wallpaper



Healthcare – Blossom Wallpaper

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Nature-inspired custom patterns might be great for healthcare interiors. Super resilient, scrubbable, cost-effective, fire resistant, and made up of ultra-fresh antibacterial engineering.

Blossom Wallpaper

Cherry blossom wallpapers are the perfect way to bring the natural beauty of spring into your home. This wallpaper features gorgeous flowers and foliage in rich vintage tones. Delicate flowers and leaves are arranged in a unique pattern that blends vintage and modern elements. This wallpaper also adds a beautiful focal point to your room.

Cherry blossom wallpaper is available as a fabric and can be removed from the wall if you want to redecorate. Removable wallpaper is printed on durable wall coverings that won’t damage the walls. It uses eco-friendly BPA and VOC-free ink and includes easy-to-follow instructions and an easy-to-remove scraper. It’s perfect for rental properties, children’s rooms, home offices, and living rooms.

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