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Etching Motifs Panels Ceiling Hang

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Product Specifications

Product Type                    Etching Acoustic Panel
Material                            100% polyester fiber (PET)
Size (mm)                        1220mm * 2440mm
Thickness (mm)               9/12/24 or customized
Density (g/sqm)               1500 and 1900 for 9mm; 2300for 12mm,3200 for 24mm(.a,,95%)
Fastness to Light              For indoor use only
Fire Rating                       ASTM E84-13a (Class A) Fire Test (EN-13501-1)
Sound Absorption             NRC 0.30 to 0.45 (No Air Gap) NRC 0.70 (50mm Air Gap)


Shaded Etching

The process of etching uses acid and a metal plate to create fine details and a broad tone. This process produces a panel that is reminiscent of a sketch. The artist can add shading to enhance the design while reducing the size and creating a more complex image. The shaded etching motif is perfect for signs and pony walls. It is a very decorative and unique art piece that is sure to stand out among others.

Archive Motifs

Customized design is available upon request


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