Damask Design Wallpaper



Damask Design Wallpaper

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Large damask designs hand-painted by our designers can be rescaled, recolored, and printed onto any of our wallpapers.

Damask Design Wallpaper

Damask designs have long been a mainstay of home decor. Intricate patterns are timeless and versatile. While most damasks are traditional, you can find more modern options these days. These damasks come in different color schemes and more modern designs. They also have various fibers.

Early damask fabrics featured flowers, fruits, and animals. Then, during the Renaissance, the design evolved into the scroll pattern we are familiar with today. Damask-designed scrolls are often based on stylized rat leaves, feathers, and other objects. Some damask patterns are so delicate that they are used as badges. Many of these patterns were also created with hunting patterns. These damask designs are also used in rich furniture and upholstery.

Damask is also a great way to introduce a unique pattern. It’s perfect for living rooms or open floor plans. Make sure the color scheme matches the overall style of the room. You’ll find damask designs in many classic, eclectic, and vintage styles.

Damask fabrics are traditionally made from silk, but other fibers are also used. The traditional damask design consists of one color warp and another color weft. The pattern is created by light reflection in the weave structure of the fabric. The contrast between weft and warp threads creates a glossy effect.


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