Crackled Wallpaper



Crackled Wallpaper

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The matte texture of this cracked, distressed tile print matches perfectly with the mirrored metal of our Mylar base.

With Various Colors

Crackled Wallpaper

Crackled Wallpaper is an appealing texture for your walls. It creates the look of old, weathered paint and gives a room a more industrial look. Choose from a range of shades to suit your home. The Crackle collection is available in White Cream, Light Blue, Duck Egg and Gold, Ink Blue, Silver, Bronze, and Gold.

When using crackled Wallpaper, you must remember that it takes time to dry. You should allow it at least an hour to set before you apply it to the wall. You should also leave it overnight to avoid cracks in the paint. Once it’s dry, apply your wallpaper. The wallpaper will not stick properly unless you use a primer.

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