Contemporary Panelling



Contemporary Panelling

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Contemporary paneling design, recolor, resize and print to any of our wallpapers, including texture, metal, and window film.

With Various Colors

How to Apply Panelling Wallpaper

The paneling wallpaper trend features a long history and a broad selection of employees. You can use just one panel to add a classic search to any room. Alternatively, you could use numerous panels about the area for an additional dynamic seem. This style also can be combined that has a choice of accessories. Such as, pink and grey tones complement the paneled wallpaper design and style. Mustard yellow and navy equipment may also be offered.

Paneling wallpaper is an attractive solution for those who want to create a more contemporary room search without spending a lot of income. You’ll be able to select a panel manufactured from wood or maybe a painted panel design and style. Any selection is going to be a stylish addition to your dwelling. You can also use wood paneled wallpaper if you’d like an extra rustic or industrial look.

Before applying paneling wallpaper, ensure the surface is appropriately ready. The backing paper base will cover defects and make an excellent base for new wallpaper. After finishing the base layer, you must apply a superb wallpaper paste. ROMAN’s PRO-543 Universal Wallpaper adhesive is best for attaching wallpaper to wood paneling. It’s an extended operating time, allows you to fine-tune, and is quick to clean.

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