Classic Weave Print Wallpaper



Classic Weave Print Wallpaper

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Classic woven print with tactile surfaces in a palette inspired by natural dyeing processes.

With Various Colors

Weave Print Wallpaper

Weave print wallpaper is a modern and durable alternative to traditional wall coverings. Its matte finish and woven texture can be applied quickly and creatively. It is flexible enough to handle problematic walls and cover imperfections such as holes and dents. It also sits flat on the ceiling and wraps harmoniously around corners.

The weave print wallpaper collection has a modern Scandinavian style. It’s printed on adhesive-backed fabric, so it can quickly move and reposition to fit any room. It also leaves no residue, making it an excellent option for do-it-yourself remodeling rooms.

Weave print wallpaper is made using a woven or non-woven backing. It consists of pigments and a solvent that connects the ink to the backing. Solvents vary, so it is important to choose the right solvent for the job. Solvents can also affect drying time between color applications. Some wallpapers use a paste to make them adhere better to the wall. Cornstarch and wheat starch are standard pastes.

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