Chrysler Wallpaper



Chrysler Wallpaper

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Inspired by the decadent Art Deco architecture and interior of the Chrysler Building in Manhattan. Step into the glitz and glamour of the Roaring ’20s by printing on our metal bases or recoloring, rescaling, and printing any wallpapers, including textures, colors, and window films.

Chrysler Wallpaper

This botanical-inspired design is available in various shades and will add a decadent touch to your wall decor. The wallpaper is made to fit a single wall perfectly, so you can choose the size and placement that best suits your room. You can also use Chrysler wallpaper to cover more than one wall.


The digital picture is printed with UV Cured inks and needs to be taken not to injure the image with hardening solutions, nylon scourers, brushes, and so on.

The picture should be cleaned using a nonfoaming detergent diluted with warm water and soft dothWerecommenddeaning from the skirting upwards. This should steer clear of runs of dirty water staining the surface.

Toavoidreactivating the adhesive, which could trigger edges to lift, care needs to be taken not to over-wet the joins or to permit water to pool at skirting level.

As soon as washed, rinse with clean water and dry by dabbing with soft toweling.

Beneath no conditions need spirit-based cleaners to be employed as these will degrade the vinyl base and remove the printing inks.

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