Box Acoustic Decorative Lighting



Box Acoustic Decorative Lighting

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Characteristics of Lighting

Size                    2430*400*93mm 1830*400*93mm 1530*300*93mm 1220*300*93mm 630*200*93mm
Material               A. M. F Standard Panel
Mounting             Ceiling hung with cable


About Box Acoustic Lighting

Acoustic lighting can be a new notion in lighting. It combines aesthetics with acoustics. Acoustic lighting is more and more becoming regarded in design. Box produced its variety to educate specifiers on the rewards of acoustic lighting.

The Acoustic Box integrates the newest LED technology with sound absorption. This helps make it an exciting remedy to noisy open spaces. It is effortless to install and might also be fitted with an interior light supply. Its sound-absorbing Artex(r) material supplies a noticeable improvement in significant rooms.

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