B&C Star Acoustic Ceiling



B&C Star Acoustic Ceiling

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Characteristics of Ceiling

Size                    792*914*139mm
Material              A. M. F Standa,d l2mm Panel
Mounting            Ceihng hung wlth cable

The Shape of Ceiling

The Size of Ceiling

The Tool of Ceiling


Acoustic Ceilings Make a Room Sound Quiet

Acoustic ceilings can also be made of panels that can be painted or covered with insulation. These panels come in a variety of sizes and designs. If you want to make the space more classy, you can color the panels, but keep in mind that coloring may change the silencing properties of the material. This is useful in airy attics.

Acoustic ceiling tiles can help absorb sound and reduce echoes. They also prevent sound from reaching neighboring rooms. Soundproof ceiling tiles are also a great way to improve the overall ambiance of any room. They can enhance the quality of conversations, make them more accessible, and reduce unnecessary noise. They also improve speech intelligibility.

Acoustic ceilings are easy to install and can make a room look fabulous. Acoustic ceiling tiles are made of polystyrene or vermiculite particles. They are very durable and cost-effective. They are used in many commercial and institutional buildings. There are a variety of designs to choose from.

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