Arcadia Carved Featured V-grooved Acoustic Panel


Arcadia Carved Featured V-grooved Acoustic Panel

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Product Specifications

Product Type                  V-grooved Acoustic Panel
Material                          100% polyester fiber (PET)
Size (mm)                       1220mm * 2440mm
Thickness (mm)              9/12/24 or customized
Density(g/sqm)               1500 and 1900 for 9mm; 2300for 12mm,3200 for 24mm(?95%)
Fastness to Light            For indoor use only
Fire Rating                      ASTM E84-13a (Class A) Fire Test (EN-13501-1)
Sound Absorption           NRC 0.30 to 0.45 (No Air Gap)  NRC 0. 70 (50mm Air Gap)

V-grooved Acoustic Panel

Arcadia groove is a customisation tool that brings out the beauty of precise, angular cuts designed to tactfully bend and distort light. It enables designer to explore the realms of possibility within the world of acoustic panels.

Arcadia Carved Featured

This carved from Arcadia features intricate floral designs and elegant leaf scrolls. The wood is triple sanded, and comes ready for staining. It is perfect for adding finishing touches to panel and creates a stunning focal point. This unique design features gestural line work and deep relief flower carvings.



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