Acoustic Clouds

Name : Acoustic Ceilings
Material : 100% Polyester Fibre (PET)
Size : 350mm DIA*300mm H
Thickness : 12mm




Acoustic clouds modelling beautiful, not only can make up for the shortcomings of the original building structure, if the height is too high, can make the room appears empty, the ceiling can be used in lower level; If the height is too low, also can be treated through the ceiling, using the visual error, makes room “change”. Some residential building roof beam, heat pipe, dew outside is not very beautiful, can through condole top cover above, make the top of the orderly and not mixed and disorderly; Also can strengthen the decorative effect Can enrich top surface modelling condole top, enhance the visual appeal, make the top surface processing rich individual character, which reflects the unique decorative style; It also can enrich indoor lighting levels, good lighting effect some residential building lighting circuit of the single, lighting lamps and lanterns is humble, cannot create a good lighting environment. Condole supports many pipeline can be hidden, can also reserve installation of lamps and lanterns, can produce a point, line, face light mutual reflect light lighting effect, make indoor graces many. It sound absorption heat insulation top floor of the house without insulating layer, in summer it is direct roof, interior is like a bamboo steamer, can through the ceiling and an insulating layer, the function of heat insulation cooling. In winter, it is a thermal insulation layer, make indoor heat through the roof not easily lost; Also can break up a space condole top is one of the means to break up a space, through the ceiling, can make originally the height of the same two connected space becomes lower, thus divided into two different areas. Such as sitting room and dining-room, through condole carries on the segmentation, make the two parts have a clear division of responsibilities, and to keep the lower space coherent, connect fully, kill two birds with one stone.

Triline Wall Acoustic Panel

Acoustic Ceilings