3D Wall Tiles Cube Shape Star Pattern for Living Room



3D Wall Tiles Cube Shape Star Pattern for Living Room

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Characteristics of 3D Wall Tiles

Made of 100% polyster
Thickness: 20mm
Length: 600mm
Width: 600mm
Absorption: Class:
NRC: 0.90
Flame retardant rating: ASTM E84 Class A
EN13501 Class B

Commercial Office I Hospitality I Theatre I Institutions I Retail I Healthcare Education I Audio Visual I Branding I PET Furniture I Trade Shows I Signage

Benefits of installing 3D wallboard

3D wall panels aren’t just for beautifying your walls; They also have many other advantages that make them the most viable choice for decorating walls.

To provide thermal insulation

EPS extruded foam is widely used in 3D wall panels to reduce heat loss and provide unmatched insulation properties. It can also create a cozy and cozy interior space during colder months, regardless of temperature fluctuations.

Providing Firewalls

Every piece of modern wallboard has undergone rigorous fire testing and is approved as a fire resistant material. So with these panels, you can rest assured that your walls and fittings will remain harmless.

Prevent moisture intrusion

The 3D wall panels are made of a high-performance, durable polystyrene material with a minimum thickness of 100mm. It has a low absorption rate and provides good protection against moisture and condensation on walls, so it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Wall Tiles 3D Stickers With Various Patterns

3D Wall Panels3D Wall Panels

These Colors You Can Choose

3D Wall Panels 3D Wall Panels

Wall Tiles 3D Stickers Manufacturer

Our company is focused on 3D wallpaper design, PE foam wall stickers,s, and other interior and exterior wall decorations. Our 3D advanced technology and strict quality material are the keys to products. Products are exported to the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, India, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and other countries and regions, winning the praise of customers at home and abroad.

3D Wall Panels Manufacturer

The company is a production, sales, development as one of the environmental protection building materials manufacturers. The company has domestic advanced automatic molding equipment and production technology, professional mold research and development team, and efficient production capacity. Products are exported to many countries around the world, by the world consumers love. Sales have been growing. Support foreign trade companies to provide one-stop service, to ensure the quality of professional services.

The products are mainly used for: company conference room background wall, hotel background wall, exhibition, exhibition hall, display cabinet background wall, home decoration TV background wall, bedside background wall, living room sofa background wall, stair background wall, aisle, and other wall decoration.
The main features of this product are environmental protection, fire and moisture prevention, anti-collision, sound insulation, heat insulation, high-end texture, fashionable design, and real three-dimensional effect.

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