3D Wall Board Oblique Cylindrical Pattern



3D Wall Board Oblique Cylindrical Pattern

3D Wall Board

Characteristics of 3D Wall Board

Made of 100% polyester
Thickness: 60mm
Length: 500mm
Width: 500mm
Absorption Class:
NRC: 0.90
Flame Retardant Rating: ASTM E84 Class A
EN13501 Class B
Applications: Commercial Office I Hospitality I Theatre I Institutions I Retail I HealthcareEducation I Audio Visual I Branding I PET Furniture I Trade Shows I Signage

3D Wall Board 3D Wall Board

Decorative 3D Wall Board for Indoor and Outdoor Decoration

Decorative 3D Wall boards are made of various textures, patterns, patterns and finishes carved to the surface to meet different customer needs. They provide a perfect interior design concept, which can be used as a characteristic wall to convey the great influence of indoor or outdoor space in appearance and feel.
If used as a feature wall, the 3D Wall Board can be used as the central focus to guide other indoor or outdoor decorations or attract the attention of guests. The 3D wallboard used outdoors is waterproof.
This kind of wallboard can not only turn ordinary walls into eye-catching surfaces but also save thousands of dollars.

3D Wall Board is used for furniture such as small cabinets and doors of entertainment places such as bars. They also made a spectacular bedside and front desk.
They can also be used as media / TV separators, artwork, and retail decoration. 3D panels add extra dimensions to walls, furniture, ceilings, fireplaces, etc.

Why choose 3D wall board

3D Wall Board protects walls and hides defects.
They have various colors, patterns, designs, cores, and textures to meet the needs of different atmospheres and themes.
They can be customized in terms of surface treatment, design, wiring, size, and printing.
They are easy to install and replace; The panel can be bonded to the wall with strong adhesive.
They are widely used and suitable for any indoor space.
They are easy to maintain; Wipe with a soft cloth to remove the dust on the surface, or clean with water and soap to maintain the charm of the panel.
They are decorative (made into beautiful functional walls) and affordable.
They can have acoustic and fire resistance properties.
They are durable and add elegance indoors and outdoors.
They also insulate the walls to keep the interior space warm in winter.
They added different styles or themes indoors, such as modern, rural, modern, etc.
It can be drilled to install power outlets and cables, including speakers.
Do you want to install 3D wallboards in living rooms, bedrooms, offices, hotels, or shopping malls? Take a look at our stoning 3D wallboard to create a better atmosphere, indoors or outdoors.

3D Wall Board With Various Patterns

3D Wall Tiles 100% Polyester3D Wall Tiles 100% Polyester

These Colors You Can Choose

3D Wall Tiles 100% Polyester 3D Wall Tiles 100% Polyester

3D Wall Board Factory

3D Wall Board Factory

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