3D Tiles For Walls Keyboard Shape



3D Tiles For Walls Keyboard Shape

3D Tiles For Walls Keyboard Shape


Characteristics of 3D Tiles For Walls

Made of 100% polyester
Thickness: 30mm
Length: 120mm
Width: 120mm
Absorption Class:
NRC: 0.90
Flame Retardant Rating: ASTM E84 Class A
EN13501 Class B
Applications: Commercial Office I Hospitality I Theatre I Institutions I Retail I HealthcareEducation I Audio Visual I Branding I PET Furniture I Trade Shows I Signage

3D Tiles For Walls Keyboard Shape

3D Tiles For Walls Keyboard Shape

What Are 3D Tiles For Walls?

3D Tiles For Walls is a kind of decorative wall material with 3D surface patterns and rectangular shapes. They are used to cover walls and form visible or exposed walls. Designed for decorative and functional purposes, wall panels provide sound and heat insulation, and the top provides a unified appearance.

Wallboards are manufactured for durability and easy installation and replacement. Although the sizes are different, the maximum size of commercial panels is 2700mm x 600mm, which is convenient for transportation.

3D Tiles For Walls are designed to eliminate the need to add finishing materials or paint on the wall, provide a consistent appearance and reduce construction costs. 3D Tiles For Walls are usually completed on one side only, as they are usually installed on concrete walls or rough-faced bricks.

These panels can also be assembled into appropriate frames for use as walls. You can drill holes in 3D Tiles For Walls for wiring and installing power sockets. Multifunctional panels can be made of different materials and used for installation in residential or commercial (shopping malls, hotels, retail spaces, offices, hotels) buildings.

Applications Of 3D Tiles For Walls

The product has a wide range of applications, covering various spaces such as public place decoration and home interior decoration. Including office buildings, restaurants, hotel lobbies, entertainment venues, nightclubs, gyms, shopping malls, kindergartens, cinemas, banks, TV studios, gymnasiums, stations, airports, exhibition halls, etc.3D Tiles For Walls Keyboard Shape

Because the material is a plant fiber, the product design adopts a 3D modeling treatment, which has a good absorption effect on the refraction and reflection of sound. It is especially suitable for use in cinemas, KTVs, photo studios, and recording studios, with both decorative and functional properties. At the same time, the material is environmentally friendly and harmless to the human body. It is also very suitable for use in kindergartens, children’s rooms, and other spaces to avoid damage to children’s hard objects while creating a colorful three-dimensional space change time. The material has good flame retardancy, high safety, and can prevent fire. The coating color of the material surface can also reflect the characteristics of different spaces and create different design styles.

3D Tiles For Walls With Various Patterns

3D Wall Tiles 100% Polyester3D Wall Tiles 100% Polyester

These Colors You Can Choose

3D Wall Tiles 100% Polyester 3D Wall Tiles 100% Polyester

3D Tiles For Walls Factory Direct Sales

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