Plasti Coating Pearl Pigments Mica Pigment Powder Supplier

Plasti Coating Pearl Pigments Mica Pigment Powder Supplier

Kolortek Pearl Pigments in Plasti Coating

In car development, architecture, EPTrtainment electronics or objects for day-to-day use right now, we satisfy impact coatings and paints wherever we go. They protect surfaces and contribute drastically to the style and attractiveness of the merchandise. Kolortek has deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ed a comprehensive item portfolio with a big variety of ornamental and practical pigments for successful paints and coatings for interior and exterior purposes.

There are a few standard components in automotive paint:




The Resin is the element that retains jointly the pigment in suspension,

supplies adhesion to the surface applied, and determines the high quality and paint longevity.

The Pigment will come in a powEPTform comparable to concrete, and the common aftermarket automotive paint miXiHu (West Lake) system incEPTs about a hundred colours or toners to be able to combine formulation incXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. metallic and pearl paint shades.

The Solvent is what supplies the transferability, without having the solvent

the paint would be to thick in viscosity to transfer from container to container.


For prime-top quality coatings: pigments from Kolortek

Attractive and purposeful pigments from Kolortek can be utilised in a vast selection of coating applications. They give that EPT quotsomething quot to all sorts of programs big and tiny. Ornamental and useful pigments provide special waEPTto help you make your merchandise stand out from other folks in the market by giving it a high-good quality design and increased visibility.

The Substantial Advantages

– distinctive metallic brilliance

– outstXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. ligEPT fastness

– excellent hiding EPT and large colour energy

– outstanding warmth resistance

– excellent colour steadiness in the course of the powEPTcoating curing process

The Kolortek Pigments Assist Coating Procedure:

Coating procedures

Chemical vapor deposition

Physical vapor deposition

Chemical and electrochemical methods


Optical coatings


Roll-to-roll coating processes

The Kolortek Pigments Support Coating ampEPT Business:

Overprint varnish
Rubber Dip Coating

Water dependent coating

Acrylic primarily based

Solvent dependent

Aqueous coating

EPTCoating – curing (chemistry)
Thermosetting powEPTcoating


25kg For every Drum or Carton

300KG Per Pallet

Plasti Coating Pearl Pigments Mica Pigment Powder Supplier

Plasti Coating Pearl Pigments Mica Pigment Powder Supplier