HPMC Asphalt Mortar Latex Thickener Cellulose

HPMC Asphalt Mortar Latex Thickener Cellulose

HPMC. Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, a high-purity environmentally friendly content, and refined cotton as uncooked substance. The white powEPTobtained by means of a series of chemical processes is usually utilised as an additive in a lot of EPT.

HPMC cellulose hydroxypropyl methyl ether is made of highly pure cotton cellulose as uncooked material, treated with lye at 35-40 ordmC for 50 % an hour, pressed, crushed the cellulose, and appropriately aged at 35 ordmC to make the attained The regular diploma of polymerization of the alkali fibers is within the preferred range.

Put the alkali fiber into the etherification kettle, and etherify at 50-80 ordmC for 5h, the maXiHu (West Lake) Dis.mum stress is about one.8MPa. Then clean the components in very hot water at 90 degC to boost the quantity, and then dewater them in a centrifuge, and ultimately wash them repeatedly to neutrality.

Bodily and chemical homes of HPMC.

Model HPMC
Show up White powder
Formation mechanism Transform to membrane type
Hydroxypropyl articles nine.-12.
Customs code 3912390000
Viscosity Can be tailored, 500 to two hundred,000Msp.s
PH price 3.-eleven.
CAS 9004-65-3

About Asphalt Adhesive:

Asphalt is divided into two groups: normal asphalt and petroleum asphalt, and petroleum asphalt is largely used as an adhesive.

There are a few types of adhesives formulated with asphalt: hot-melt kind, solvent type and emulsion sort.

Asphalt is inexpensive, has superb drinking water resistance and alkali resistance, and has very good toughness. It is broadly used in civil building, eEPTly in the construction of roadways, bridges and properties.

But the oil resistance and solvent kind are poor, and heating has the drawback of softening inclination.

It is packaged with plastic paper baggage for external use and PVC plastic baggage for interior use. The web weigEPT of each bag is 20KG or 25KG.
Rain-proof, sun-evidence, fire-proof and moisture-proof, sealed and ventilated.
Transportation in accordance with moisture-evidence EPT chemical compounds.

Storage and Shipping:
Avoid rain and sunny, avert fireplace and moist, airtigEPT ventilation preservation, in accordance to non-harmful merchandise transport.


Q1. How can we assure the top quality of our products?
1. All components need to be analyzed with reference to the principal specifications just before unloading.
two. Soon after unloading, we will keep diverse supplies in distinct warehouses.
3. We hold paper and laptop storage documents.

Issue two: What is your sample coverage?
A: We supply cost-free samples, we bear the freight, or negotiate in between the two functions.

Query 3: What are your payment terms?
Reply: T/T is 50% in advance, the harmony is prior to shipment.

This autumn. What about shipping and delivery time?
Reply: The sample demands three-5 times, and the mass production time wants 3-five operating times.

Q5. Do you have a least orEPTquantity for demo orders?
A: We have no least orEPTquantity.

About us.

The organization EPTizes in the production and sale of cellulose ether, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, laEPT powEPTand other products.
Offer customers with superb items and a entire assortment of free specialized providers at the quickest velocity. Stroll out a earn-earn road of common deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ment.

HPMC Asphalt Mortar Latex Thickener Cellulose

HPMC Asphalt Mortar Latex Thickener Cellulose