Desulfurizer Ultrafine Powder of Sodium Bicarbonate 360mesh

Desulfurizer   Ultrafine Powder of Sodium Bicarbonate   360mesh

one. Property:
EPT bicarbonate, chemical sodium bicarbonate, generally identified as baking soda. White good crystals with less solubility in h2o than sodium carbonate. It is also an EPT chemical. The solid commences to decompose previously mentioned 50 degC to sort sodium carbonate, carbon dioXiHu (West Lake) and water, and entirely decomposes at 270 degC.
EPT bicarbonate is an acid salt fashioned by neutralization of a powerful base and a weak acid, and is weakly alkaline when dissolved in water. This characteristic can make it a leavening agent in the foodstuff creating process. EPT bicarbonate will go away sodium carbonate soon after the motion, and too considerably use will make the completed item have a standard flavor.

two. Physical appearance:
White free of charge flowing Powder

3. Software
EPT bicarbonate can be utilized directly as a uncooked materials in the pharmaceutical industry for the treatment of hyperacidity. It can also be used in movie creation, tHangZhou, beneficiation, smelting, metallic heat remedy, and in the fiber and rubber EPT. It is also employed as a detergent for wool, as well as for agricultural soaking. 1 of the most extensively utilized bulking brokers in the food sector for the creation of biscuits, cakes, taro, bread, and so forth. It is a carbon dioXiHu (West Lake) making agent in soda beverages it can be merged with alum as an alkaline baking powder, or can be blended with soda ash for civilian use. Stone base can also be used as a butter preservative. Fireplace equipment is utilised to generate acid and alkali hearth extinguishers and foam fire extinguishers. The rubber business utilizes its position in uniform pores with alum and sodium bicarbonate porogen for rubber and sponge manufacturing. The metallurgical sector is utilized as a fXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) agent for casting ingots. The EPTry industry is utilised as a forming support for forged steel (forged sand) sand. The printing and dyeing sector is utilised as a fiXiHu (West Lake) agent for dyeing printing, an acid-foundation buffering agent, and a finishing agent for cloth dyeing and finishing. Including baking soda to the dyeing can avert the yarn from making a shade. The pharmaceutical industry is employed as a raw substance for antacids.
It is utilized as a reagent for the analysis of reagents, inorganic synthesis, the pharmaceutical sector, for the remedy of acidemia and the meals business, for the era of carbon dioXiHu (West Lake) in soda and chilly drinks, and as a preservative for butter. It can be directly used as a raw content for the pharmaceutical business, a detergent for wool, a foam fire extinguishing agent, a bathing agent, an alkaline agent, and a leavening agent. Often utilized with ammonium bicarbonate to prepare a leavening agent for biscuits and cakes. The sum extra to the wheat flour was twenty g/kg. A foaming agent (CO2 creating) of a reliable refreshing EPTrage can be well prepared with citric acid, tartaric acid or the like. Due to the fact it is a harmless weakly alkaline agent, incorporating about .1% to .2% when washing veggies can stabilize environmentally friendly. When utilised on your own, it is strongly alkaline because of to thermal decomposition. It will be yellow when employed in bread and destroy nutritional vitamins in wheat. It is best to use it with acidic substances this kind of as calcium hydrogen phosphate. It can also be employed for foods blanching and deodorization. Simply because it can elevate the pH benefit, it can improve the drinking water EPT ability of the protein, advertise the softening of the cells of the food tissue, and advertise the dissolution of the astringent component. It has a deodorizing influence on goat milk (dosage ten~20mg/kg). As an acidity regulator and a chemical leavening agent, China’s restrictions can be utilised for all types of food items that want to be additional with a leavening agent, and must be utilized in an appropriate quantity in accordance to the creation needs.

Articles AS (NAHCO3) : 99.two % MIN
AS: .0001 % MAX
EPT Steel: .0005 % MAX
Loss ON DRYING: .twenty % MAX
PH: 8.6 MAX

5. EPT:
Packed in PP woven bags of 25kg / 50kg / 1000kg.
25Mt / 20’FCL

Desulfurizer   Ultrafine Powder of Sodium Bicarbonate   360mesh

Desulfurizer   Ultrafine Powder of Sodium Bicarbonate   360mesh